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Enterprise Content Platform

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Knowledge Discovery Platform

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EXPANDA® Enterprise Content Platform

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Store, index and manage any kind of documents.

The extended search mode will allow you to easily browse information, even in full text mode.

Support the growth of your business, with robustness and scalability.

Allows to rethink the corporate document storage platforms model, allowing flexibility.

Allows to negotiate the costs associated with the storage of digital content.

Manages content through GDPR-compliance security policies.

Ensures the segregation of information and its multi-tenant access.

Guarantees the integrity of the data, on the basis of redundancy mechanisms.

ALGORILLA® Knowledge Discovery Platform

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Improves the efficiency of IT services, through a single access to all logs for their investigation.

Collects, manages, stores and deletes data for audit purposes.

Connect heterogeneous data (log, metrics, events, tickets etc.) through advanced dashboarding.

Identify critical pattern in order to prevent a reduction or loss of service.

Monitors, check and verify the services provided through microservices architectures.

Collects, aggregates, selects data and feeds real-time or near-real-time KPIs.

Monitor business processes and isolate non-compliant transactions, through a real time analysis.

Simplifies allocation of resource deployment costs by leveraging information from IOTs

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