Algorilla Intercept real-time flows of raw streaming data, extracting business value and summarizing information, process or service views, for analysis, control and service improvement.

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ALGORILLA provides a profiled and controlled environment to manage real-time log and event streaming from heterogeneous sources, transforming them into valuable information for Operations, AM, Security and Audit analysis.

Heterogeneus sources streaming management

Powerful Data Lake for an unlimited event collection

Advanced dual-level search for effective trouble-shooting

Log reading in native or customized form

Profiled access on the entire log asset

Centralized log lifecycle management

Unlimited historical depth of collected data

Audit data collection and analisys

What it does and how it does it

ALGORILLA® is a scalable Data Lake platform that enables real-time acquisition and exploitation of structured and unstructured data from heterogeneous sources, ensuring adequate information fruition and managing the entire data lifecycle, at controlled costs.

ALGORILLA® can structure a business process and enable its complete control and monitoring, empowering authorized users to verify the consistency of all steps and ensuring total observability.

ALGORILLA® reduces the processing of significant amounts of data, transmitting only the necessary information, in the most suitable and consistent form for each organizational need, taking care of it from the ingestion phase to fruition, from retention to deletion.

ALGORILLA® allows the acquired and processed information - technical or business - to be shared with internal departments within the company, controlling access according to profiles and permissions required by privacy regulations.

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Few numbers

300 GB

The daily data streaming average collected for IT operation

10 Millions

logs managed by a single installation.

70 %

reduction in the incidents' resolution time

80 Millions

events per day, processed through three nodes

30 %

reduction in the number of files lost due to the complexity of the process

10 Minutes

on average to retrieve logs archived 1 year ago for audit purposes

Why it makes your business easier

Make your IT services more efficient, through a single access and investigation point to your logs.

It collects, manages, stores and deletes data for audit purposes.

Connect heterogeneous data (log, metrics, events, tickets etc.) through advanced dashboarding.

Identify critical pattern in order to prevent a reduction or loss of service.

Monitors, check and verify the services provided through microservices architectures.

Collects, aggregates, selects data and feeds real-time or near-real-time KPIs.

Monitor business processes and isolate non-compliant transactions, through a real time analysis.

Simplifies allocation of resource deployment costs by leveraging information from IOTs

Configure your ALGORILLA®
Validate your number of servers needed to manage logs and streaming data

What is your daily log flow in Gigabytes?

How long does your company keep those logs?

Which users use the logs collected by your company?

Are you already using log management solutions?

If so, how many servers are dedicated to this purpose?

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End-to-end control over the business-critical process of loan requests

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