Science and technology to uncover the value hidden inside your data

Our vision

Bowman is composed of a team of professionals from market-leading software vendors, with decades of experience in Sales, R & D and development roles and with a deep expertise on big data technologies.

Combining science and technology, we have developed a portfolio of innovative solutions - EXPANDA® and ALGORILLA® - which allow companies to exploit huge volumes of data and digital content present in on-premise or cloud systems, defining new paradigms for several Enterprise use cases.

We believe in the power of knowledge, in the advanced and intelligent management of data and digital content which, if properly exploited, can be the right engine for the development of the company's Digital Transformation and Business.

How do we work

We position your business needs at the heart of our technology

We bring to market a mature portfolio of disruptive solutions, with a very short time-to-market.

Every year at least 30% of our effort is dedicated to extend our products capabilites to address market needs

We help you to quickly build measurable and sustainable business cases.

We guarantee the proximity of our factory and software engineering.

We keep our solutions ready to be integrated in IT Customer complexity

We rely on global partners, experienced in managing complex implementations and integrations.

We combine Start-up agility, Corporate experience and an Enterprise-class marketplace.

Contact us Phone number : 0230462664 E-mail : Address : Via Libero Temolo, 4 20126 Milan, Italy