EXPANDA allows you to easily store and search up to billions digital contents on line (documents, media, logs, etc.), using on-premise or leading cloud platforms on the market. (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud etc...)


EXPANDA allows to build a single view of the entire corporate document asset, integrating and orchestrating the contents of heterogeneous applications and repositories, thus increasing functionalities and performances. (Alfresco, opentext Documentum, IBM FileNet, IBM Content Manager, Folders Drive, Xerox DocuShare, Infoarchive, Ocè Prisma etc...)

What it does and how it does it

EXPANDA® allows to deliver document services on multicloud architectures, in a distributed and / or redundant configuration, in order to maximize the protection and resilience of the contents.

Enable the intelligent management of all digital content of medium and large companies, organizing and orchestrating documents, photos, audio, video, chat, communications, contracts and any digital content relating to the customer, structured or unstructured, at the end of life or in streaming.

EXPANDA® it can be easily integrated with any complex IT architecture and maximizes storage and management capabilities; based on Big Data technologies, it guarantees maximum efficiency for massive uploads.

It simplifies configurations and customizations, thus reducing the risks of any document migrations and resulting in a very short time to value.

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Few numbers

4 Billion

In line documents on a single installed base.

450 Millions

Documents migrated in less than three months.

110 Millions

Documents migrated to cloud in two months.


Reduction in the recurring costs of the document management system.


Document repositories, accessible through a single view

40 Millions

Documents migrated to cloud in two weeks

Why it makes your business easier

Store, index and manage any kind of documents.

The extended search mode will allow you to easily browse information, even in full text mode.

Support the growth of your business, with robustness and scalability.

Allows to rethink the corporate document storage platforms model, allowing flexibility.

Allows to negotiate the costs associated with the storage of digital content.

Manages content through GDPR-compliance security policies.

Ensures the segregation of information and its multi-tenant access.

Guarantees the integrity of the data, on the basis of redundancy mechanisms.

Configure your EXPANDA®
Check the savings in the management of Corporate documents and contents

How many digital documents and contents does your company manage?

What is the volume of digital documents and contents of your company, in Terabytes?

How many document repositories does your company have?

Where are corporate documents currently located?

Where would your company want to migrate documents?

Use cases

From digital documents orchestration to traditional dms migration

Customer 360: a single view of customer, without burdening it systems

The new document management paradigm for insurance

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