Customer 360: a single view of customer, without burdening it systems

Knowledge of your customers is central to compete in the market, and proactive action is essential to ensure loyalty and new opportunities for value creation.

For this, it is necessary to have access to each customer information (contracts, communications, reports, policies, documents, audio recordings, chats, tickets, etc.), wherever they are available in the company’s digital asset.

In fact, Enterprise content (documents, media, chat, email, …) and data-in-motion (logs, streams, …) are for organizations an inexhaustible source of knowledge of its users, to be enhanced daily.

Providing the back-office with the possibility of a single view of the contents associated with a customer, which by their nature are distributed over heterogeneous systems and repositories, would allow not only to respond adequately to regulations such as the GDPR, but to better manage the relationship with the business partners of your company, understanding dynamics and opportunities.

To undertake this path, however, a company IT must be able to collect an infinite amount of structured and unstructured information, activating an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that does not affect the Enterprise Content System (EMS, DMS, etc..) and respects the current rules on privacy.

Ready-to-use technologies addressed through appropriate paradigms, can effectively support the digital transformation, thanks to fast and intelligible “Customer 360” views, able to make the relationship with users more efficient and evolved…